Huge Wardrobe Collection in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning may be flying solo on the battlefield in the upcoming finale to the FFXIII series, but she’s packing over forty outfits. She’s not just indecisive, the clothes will give her unique skills and benefits, essentially turning her into a one-girl party. We’re just glad she’s ditched Hope, the little whiner.

Fans of -or people who played FFX-2 at least- may remember the team using the Dress Sphere system, we expect this to work in a similar manner. Regular players of the series will no doubt be able to spot a few getups that she’s borrowed from characters of older games in the long-running franchise. Cloud’s outfit has already been announced as a pre-order incentive. We’ll endeavor to bring you a hands-on report of the game towards the end of the month.For now, enjoy the fashionista trailer after the break.

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