God of War: Ghost of Sparta (Review)

Looks like Ready at Dawn Studios have done it again. They’ve only gone and made the best action title on the PSP, again. God of War: Chains of Olympus provided a PSP prequel to the original PS2 game and now Ghost of Sparta looks to fill the gap between God of War 1 and 2.

The story follows Kratos as he searches for his younger brother, Deimos, who was taken from him when they were both young Spartan children. We finally get some answers about Kratos’ facial scar and his red tattoo. We also get to find out what really happened to the legendary city of Atlantis.

There are lots of nods and references to the other games, even God of War III, as everything starts to pull together nicely. It does rely on you having a good memory of the first few games sometimes but don’t let that put you off. You can at least now line up all five titles and blitz through them in less than a week (warning: may destroy thumbs).

Kratos has a few new moves at his disposal, but not many. The Hyperion Charge is similar to a move in GOWIII, as Kratos rugby-tackles an enemy to the ground before pummelling him to pulp. The rest of them seem to be variations on older moves, but with a new name.

There isn’t a great range of weapons on offer here. You’re later given a spear and shield, which can be used to protect yourself from walls of fire and wind or attack distant enemies, but they feel extremely sluggish compared to your chained swords, meaning you’ll only use them when the game demands you do so.

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