Young Thor (PSP Minis Review)

Young Thor is a traditional side-scrolling platformer / beat ‘em up title. It follows the journey of Thor on his way to rescue four maidens from Hel, ruler of the Norse Underworld.

Combat is pleasingly simple and the lack of depth is hidden by the way you can attack enemies in different body parts for better effects. Numbers fly off enemies to indicate the damage done and when these numbers turn yellow, you know you’ve just discovered a weak spot. For example, the best way to deal with the tall trolls is to jump over them, turn around in mid-air and give them a crack to the back of the head.

Another awesome attack is the ground pound where you shake the ground with a hammer blow from a jump, which lifts everyone up into the air for a bit of juggling. More standard moves include normal, strong, and lightning attacks which can also be charged by holding the button. Charing normal attacks results in a rising uppercut.

Enemies are traditional fare for this sort of title, namely goblins, trolls giant spiders, huge armoured knights howling banshees and undead warriors. Most of them can be quite troublesome in the later levels with their epic health reserves. If you are finding things a little tough you can always come back and get revenge later when you’re a bit stronger.

Under your health and magic bars you’ll find an experience bar. You can level up all the way to 99 and each time you do level up, you can instantly see how much stronger your attacks are thanks to the number indicators during combat. That’s about as complex as levelling up goes, there’s no stat tweaking but the game doesn’t need that at all. Keeping it simple works in its favour.

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