Heavy Rain (Review)

This PS3 exclusive is the long-awaited ‘interactive drama’ from Quantic Dream. For months we’ve been wowed by the stunning character models and promises of a unique experience. Of course we’ve also been worried that the whole thing may descend into a never-ending line of Quick-Time-Events (QTEs). Read on for the full verdict.

Think of Heavy Rain as a chilling murder-mystery crossing the relentless search for missing persons, a serial killer hunt and horrific trials set by a lunatic. The Silence of the Lambs and the cruel trials of Saw (but less gory here) are amongst the key influences on the plot, but not in a lazy rip-off way.

You might also draw comparisons with the old multi-path adventure books. You know…’turn to page 96 to enter the demon’s dark cave’ or ‘turn to page 53 to go through the field to the fair.’ The developers should have let you hold L2 to let you recreate the moments of: ‘Oh crap I died, but my finger is still on the other page so I can go back.’

Read the rest of my review at Dealspwn.com here.

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11 thoughts on “Heavy Rain (Review)”

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